AWS Cloud


WEST POINT — In late 2019, Link Solutions, Inc. completed the migration and deployment of the US Military Academy at West Point’s public website,, and content management system to the AWS cloud platform.  Link’s cloud architects, developers, and business analysts worked closely with US Military Academy’s Public Affairs Office and other key stakeholders to leverage AWS’ cloud environment in their design of a highly elastic, scalable, secure, and fault tolerant infrastructure. 

The Link team collaborated with each of the academy’s departments and centers to transform existing static pages to dynamic, interactive pages via a new Drupal-based content management system.  The new website provides a modern look and feel that today’s prospective college students expect from a world class educational institution such as WestPoint.

Some of the AWS features Link has incorporated into the AWS design for West Point include:

  • the ability to rapidly scale pages at high-needs times throughout the school year and during major sporting events
  • the use of a content delivery network to reduce cost and provide fast response times
  • no upfront costs on infrastructure so our customers are only paying for the services consumed
  • the ability to design and easily maintain the highly fault tolerant and secure architecture, while also complying with Federal security standards