Unleash the full potential of your IT infrastructure

Accelerate innovation, increase agility, and enhance productivity

Shape service experiences for employees anywhere with always-on IT services. Automate support for common requests with virtual agents that understand simple human language.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Resolve requests based on priorities, and use automated escalation rules to notify the right team members and prevent SLA breaches.

Reports and metrics

Track and analyze all incident response activities. Identify areas of success and opportunities to improve. 

Slack and Microsoft Teams support

Sync between conversations in Slack or Microsoft Teams and your Jira Service Management tickets. Reduce context switching and information gaps for employees and agents.

Alerting and on-call management

Centralize and filter alerts across all your monitoring, logging, and CI/CD tools to ensure your teams respond to issues quickly while avoiding alert fatigue.


Streamline setup of automation with rules available out of the box. Automate the approval and deployment of low-risk changes.

Service Desk

Showcase services through a simple, intuitive portal that makes it easy for your employees and customers to get help quickly, and for your teams to streamline incoming work.

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