1. What motivated you to do this challenge?

“I’ve always been physically active and love a challenge. This will be my 4th year signing up for the Sky Island Summit Challenge, and my third year actually competing in it. With my recent diagnosis of cancer and surgical removal of a cancerous tumor, this is just another challenge that I’m putting myself though.”

2. Excited to see you select the 3-peak, what made you want to strive for the Elite Triple Summit?

“I love being outdoors, especially when it comes to trail running, hiking, mountain biking, even walking. I especially love being up in the mountains, breathing in all that fresh air. I’ve been to the top of most of the Huachuca mountain peaks, so it makes no sense for me to just do a single peak in such an event. Under my current medical condition, it will definitely be more challenging…but even if I have to crawl up each peak, I’m going to finish it.”

3. Is this something you would recommend for us to participate in?

“I would definitely recommend this event to those who are physically inclined to do so. Keep in mind the elevation change for this challenge. For the three peaks, the participants are climbing a mile in elevation. Sierra Vista, AZ is already at 4800 feet above sea level. The top of the highest peak in the triple peak challenge is over 9400 feet. If anyone is ever interested in this type of challenge, elevation training is a must. The oxygen level is definitely thinner up here in the mountains.”

“Thanks again for the opportunity! Being outdoors is definitely a stress reliever for me.”


Victor Othon