Prevent endpoint breaches

Industry-leading endpoint security solutions

Link delivers the right combination of technology, intelligence, and expertise to protect your end-users and their devices from the latest cybersecurity threats.

Simplify your endpoint security

Identify and mitigate risky behaviors by combining software and solutions into a single solution for simplified operations and management of your entire security.

SIEM/Security Analytics

Monitor the security status of each part of your IT infrastructure

Automation and Orchestration

Learn what unique threats and vulnerabilities your organization faces and how to prevent them

Investigation and Forensics

Be confident that your security solutions are working properly and that data and devices are secure

Security Incident Response

Reduce IT effort needed to manage security needs

Unified Security Operations

Keep pace with market, technology, and policy changes without compromising security


Combine software and services into a single solution for predictable and flexible budgeting

Find out how to become more resilient in the face of new threats