Link's Inspiring women

Carmen Carreno
Human Resource Director

Meet Carmen Carreno, Human Resources Director here at Link Solutions, Inc. Carmen leads a team that helps plan, lead, direct, develop, and coordinate the policies, activities, and staff of the Human Resource (HR) department across the company.


In the early days of my career, I found myself as an office administrator or sales support representative for different companies. Although I learned so much, I was looking for a career path that would provide me with a purpose and motivate me to go to work every day.   I was given the opportunity by an IT (Information Technology) consulting company over 14 years ago to support the onboarding process and provide team members with support on administrative tasks during their tenure with the company under different contracts. During my time there, I realized that I love helping others have a positive work experience while helping companies improve processes.   I fell in love with Human Resources and wanted to prove that our role is to provide support and resources to improve employees’ work/life experience, not just to process terminations. People are the asset of every company and happy people make happy employees.     

What advice do you have for women starting their careers? 

Know that every little task is useful and will help you grow. Be open-minded, learn as much as you can, empower others and be true to yourself.   

What advice do you have for those that may be experiencing a setback?

Experiencing setbacks is part of life, but you must intentionally reset and take advantage of the opportunity to start over. Believe in yourself, focus on your goals, and don’t ever stop learning. 

What inspires you?

Empowering and making a positive impact on people’s lives, especially with our youth, by helping them reach their goals in life.